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Our Vets

Merel Taal Vet

Merel Taal


Founder and Marketing Director

Merel has worked at several practices in the Black Country and Birmingham, and after time spent in the field of emergency and critical care, the idea of home visits for pets in the last phase of their life was born. She founded Dignipets in 2015 to offer an alternative approach for pets and owners at a very difficult time. She will be completing a certification programme in hospice and palliative care in 2019 and is looking forwards to sharing all her newfound knowledge and experience with pet owners and colleagues. Her home is shared with a very elderly rescue dog, a youngish collie and a few shy farm cats. In her free time she likes being with the kids, climbing, biking and travelling.

Maja Redfern Vet

Maja Redfern


Clinical Director

Maja is a proud Norwegian and has always enjoyed travelling and exploring new cultures. She graduated in 2005 from Szent Istvan University in Budapest, Hungary and shortly afterwards moved to England to work in small animal practice. She established Vet Visits in 2011 to provide a unique and individual mobile service to pet owners in the Stafford and Cannock area. Having completed a certification programme in hospice and palliative care in 2017 she advises colleagues and referring practices on pain management for their most difficult geriatric cases. She is a dedicated pet owner (three dogs and one cat) and has developed a reputation amongst wanderers and strays for being the go-to person when lost.

Donna Ness Vet

Donna Ness

Bvetmed MRCVS

Practice Manager and Director

Donna qualified from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London in 1998 and has spent the vast majority of her career in small animal practice. After experience of both private and charity sector work, particularly around emergency and critical care, she decided to start a mobile service in Telford (Ness Vet Home Visits) in 2014 with an emphasis on excellent end-of-life care in the home. As a member of the IAAHPC (International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care) she enjoys keeping up to date and sharing experiences in this emerging field of veterinary science. She enjoys gardening and playing the piano and violin.

Ane Follestad

Ane Follestad


Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

Ane graduated from Szent Istvan University Budapest in 2006. She started her career in a small animal practice in Stafford, then moved on to an official vet role in Norway working with animal welfare and disease surveillance and control. After a career break having children she is now back to small animal practice where it all started in Stafford. Ane has a soft spot for viszlas and all things dog. She is very happy being back doing what she loves most, helping pets feeling better.


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