Elderly Pet Care

Is your pet slowing down? Gaining weight? Or have you noticed changes in behaviour?

Just like us, our pets change as they get older and it doesn't necessarily mean signs of disease. After all, aging is a normal and natural process. However it can be an indication it's time to make some changes in diet, introduce supplements or pain relief and to start adjustments in their environment.

We at Dignipets believe there is a lot of advice we can give you support your elderly pet to live a healthy, happy and comfortable life.

What does a visit involve?

Elderly pet care visits are carried out by your Dignipets vet. They normally take around an hour and we ask for all the carers of the pet to be present if possible. If your pet has been seen by your family vet we would ask you for permission to request their clinical history. The visit includes a clinical examination, disease education, pain assessment and quality of life assessment. Depending on your animal's condition we would ask you to fill in ongoing questionnaires to assess your pet's welfare and response to care. This is so we stay updated on your pet’s condition. You will receive a written report and, on request, we can send a copy to your family vet. Ongoing support is a vital part of our services. Our nurse plays a important role in navigating you through the advice and treatment given. Click here for prices

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