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Vet Visits has now changed to Dignipets Stafford

We are still dedicated to giving your pets the best care at home. Our team specialises in palliative care and end of life veterinary care and provides a 24/7 service for end of life emergencies.

Next to that we provide preventive veterinary care and support with the help of our district veterinary nurse.

All of this in the whole of the of the Midlands including Staffordshire.


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Independent Mobile Vets

Our vets and nurses are experts in palliative and end of life care for pets


Professional veterinary care for your loved ones at home

Quality of life assessments in pets

HHHHHMM Scale - Quality of life JOURNEYS - Quality of life

As hospice vets at Dignipets we are often asked the questions: When is it time?, How will I know if my pet is suffering?, I’m not sure whether to put my pet through any more treatment.

Owners are often told that "they will know when the time comes" but it is not always that clear.

Quality of life (QOL) assessment can help you in identifying when it is time to reach out in regards to your pet’s welfare. Conducting a QOL assessment initially asks for collaboration between the pet owner and their hospice vet.

There are several different QOL assessments available for a hospice vet to use. Currently at Dignipets we selected the ones that we find helpful tools for pet owners to use independently after the initial hospice vet visit. Now more than ever it is important to give you as primary carer the support and tools to help your remotely with these difficult decisions. Read our blog (link to blog post QOL published 20-11-2020) for more information.

Dignipets because all their moments matter

Our pets devote their whole life to us. They give us love and attention and in turn we take care of them as cherished family members. This includes supporting them when they are faced with disease or old age. At Dignipets we believe with the right veterinary advice this support is best given in the comfort of their family home.

We are an independent veterinary practice consisting of a team of mobile veterinary surgeons and nurses in the Midlands. We specialise in compassionate visits for pain assessments, hospice care and dignified home euthanasia. Together with your existing family veterinary practice we will create an individualised care plan for your pet to achieve the very best care at home.

Circumstances are often too stressful for either you or your pet to make the journey to a veterinary clinic. Our hospice vets will make a plan together with you looking at all aspects of your pet’s needs and care. We will also help you and your family implementing this plan in the weeks to come and if needed guide you through the process of making decisions.

We even offer hospice vet consultations online to provide advice on veterinary care, diet and support, with less stress to your pet or you.

Merel Pain Assessment

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